We offer a range of training courses. If you want to improve your home barista skills or want to pursue a career in coffee, we can assist. Our current offering includes:

  • Coffee Appreciation Masterclass
  • Home Barista Course
  • Café Barista Course

Please contact us on or 031 563 3664 for to book. More information is below. Also, please contact us if you have any questions.

Coffee Appreciation Masterclass
Do you love your coffee? Want to know more about your favourite brew? Come in and spend time with our head roaster, Chad. Chad will take you through the coffee flavour wheel and teach you how coffee professionals learn to taste different flavour notes. This fun course is a practical one and is suitable for anyone who wants to become a discerning coffee drinker.
Cost: R990 including VAT (2 hours)
Includes all coffee and drinks

Home Barista Coffee
Do you make coffee at home that isn't instant coffee? This course if for you. We offer both espresso-based training or slow brew methods. So often we buy great coffee yet our brewed coffee isn't where we want it to be. This course's aim is to assist you to make great coffee at home.
Cost: R990 including VAT (2 hours)
Includes all coffee and drinks

Café Barista Course
You will learn:

  • general coffee theory
  • espresso theory and practical
  • milk theory and practical
  • basic latte art

This course prepares you to work as a first time barista.
Cost: R2990 including VAT (2 days)
Includes all coffee and drinks